I am a huge believer in the benefit of using clean skincare both for my body and the planet. It is not often that I find brands that really meet my expectations and make my skin look as good and rejuvenated as their “dirty” counterparts. I have tried them all and continue to experiment as new products come on the market. But for the past couple of years I have definitely relied on and recently returned to my favorite – True Botanicals.

True Botanicals is based in Northern California and was founded by Hillary Peterson, who after being diagnosed with Thyroid cancer “learned that what goes on your skin, goes into your body.” As a firm believer in this I am constantly seeking and testing clean products that actually work! (Note: If you don’t know if your products are clean you can download “Think Dirty” or “EWG” to see how your products stack up.)

I have always had very dry, sensitive skin and struggle to find skincare that solved my issues (aging, dryness, redness) without causing a reaction. In my experience some natural products prove too much for my delicate skin and I have been know to have a Hitch moment in the middle of Whole Foods after I apply tester product to my face! I should no better, but I am often foolish. Anyway True Botanicals claimed to be good for sensitive skin so I decided to give it a try combining products from the renew and calm lines.

Let me start with the packaging which I LOVE. Amber bottles keep the product fresh by blocking light and look amazing on the counter. A clean font and logo just makes me happy. Now the smell – OMG so good and natural, and subtle which is important to me. After weeks of use I felt a difference and the oils really hydrate my skin well and none of the products irritated. After months I remained happy, but when my credit card expired on my subscription instead of updating the card on file I ventured elsewhere in an effort to find anther prefect clean skincare routine. After months of abandoning what was clearly working for me, I am back and after a week am wondering why I ever left!