Stress effects both your body and your health. It effects how you look and feel and even your weight! Stress sucks, yet many of us live in a constant state of stress – myself included -so, what are we going to do about it?

Let this year be The Year of Self-Care! What that means to me – make time for yourself and make yourself a priority. If budget is a concern carve out a place in your house to meditate and practice breathing. My favorite app of the moment is Calm. Calm offers guided meditation and calming sounds.

Manis and Pedis are another great self-care. Not only will you look good, but your hands and feet are full of reflexology points that help relax your whole body. So if you cant afford a full body massage I say go for the feet!

My real treat, and I would argue a necessity of self-care, is a massage. I am not a good planner and tend to try to book appointments at the last minute….never works well. So in 2019 I am planning my massage schedule in advance. I am committing to a once a month rub-down to de-stress and treat myself.