Brrr…it is cold outside! It’s winter, and this winter I am all about ease, so I have established a go-to look that I refer to as ‘my winter uniform’. I love waking up, and not thinking too much about what I want to wear – especially when it is still dark outside and thinking requires some effort. So what am I wearing this winter- leggings, a sweater, and boots. Simple, classic and stylish.

The thing I like is that this same uniform can have many different looks by changing your accessories. Wear some knee high riding boots and a shorter sweater for a more refined equestrian look. Engineering boots, a slouchy sweater, a vest and a pom hat for a more hipster look, sneakers and shorter slouchy sweater for an athletic look. Leggings come in so many variations now that the looks are truly endless – jean leggings, leather, and camo are among my latest favs and who can go wrong with a great black leggings! What is your winter uniform?